Why Take Dreams Seriously?

Dreams actually reveal to us nightly the voices of our desires for wholeness and for true spiritual integrity. If we show interest in them and begin to pay them some attention, they can become our closest allies in our search for spiritual growth and spiritual healing.

Dreams can be an essential part of our spiritual discernment.  They can give us insights into the deepest part of our soul.  Dreams can profoundly reframe questions for us and give us access to the unconscious as we seek to make creative decisions in our lives. To ignore our dreams is to ignore a proven, ancient and scriptural pathway to the God who resides within.

The emphasis upon dreams that we find in the Bible is equally prominent in the early Church. Every major figure of the early Christian Church through the time of St. Augustine cites dreams as an important way in which God spoke to mankind, and many of the Fathers of the Church wrote psychological treatises on dreams.

John A. Sanford

Programmes introducing Christian dreamwork work include such topics as: dreams and scripture; dreams and spirituality; the psychology of dreams; dreams and symbols and practical ways to work with dreams. Please check the Coming Events page for the next workshop or weekend or contact me directly to arrange a workshop, weekend or series of individual weekly sessions.

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