Men’s Spirituality

Men Overwhelmed by a Different World

At a time in history that is dominated by change, men’s  spirituality looks at some of the most relevant issues for men at all stages of life.

The traditional roles of men have not been untouched by our time of change.  Such is the pace and nature now of the differences in society, marriage, relationships, parenting, Church, work, communication, technology and even the understanding of gender, that the experience and wisdom of those who have travelled before us appears inadequate. So, how can men adapt today?  How do they live to their potential ?  What are the areas of most concern for men ? Where do they look for answers, or, for the next step forward ?

The Central Themes

In order to try and address these questions, the central themes  will be:

    1. Discovering Who You Are

    2. Looking at Those You Live With

    3. Enhancing Your Contribution

    4. Giving God Another Chance

    5. Healing the Scars of Life

    6. Mapping a Way Forward

Areas, therefore, that will be Touched Upon will Include:

Knowing Yourself; The Moods, Seasons & Cycles of  a Man’s Life; Men and Relationships; Grief and Loss; Work and Influence; Spirituality for 2009; Cleaning up God’s Image; Prayer and Reality; Putting the Past at; Rest; Models of Manhood; General communication skills.


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