School Trusts

John Paul II Primary School, Ballymurphy, Belfast, was an all boys school named St. Aidan’s when it first opened some forty years ago. Today, after amalgamation with St. Bernadette’s, girls school John Paul II is one of eight schools that are members of the Edmund Rice Schools Trust (NI). The following are some of the links  providing information on the Edmund Rice Schools Trust (NI) and the Edmund Rice Schools Trust (ROI). These schools were formerly under the trusteeship of the Congregation of Christian Brothers. ERST (ROI) was formed on the 20th of January 2009 and ERST (NI) was launched on  the 2nd of February 2009. Both Trusts are constituted in civil law and in canon law and operate under memoranda and articles of association and a schools charter. More than a hundred schools are a part of these Trusts. The Trust in Northern Ireland is made up of eight schools:

  1. Armagh Primary School, Greenpark, Armagh, Co. Armagh;
  2. St. Patrick’s Primary School, Pim Street, Belfast, Co, Antrim;
  3. John Paul II Primary School, Ballymurphy, Belfast, Co. Antrim;
  4. CBS, Glen Road, Co. Antrim, Belfast;
  5. Edmund Rice College, Glengormley, Co. Antrim;
  6. The Abbey Grammar School, Newry, Co. Down;
  7. St. Mary’s Christian Brothers’ Grammar School, Glen Road, Belfast;
  8. Omagh Christian Brothers’ Grammar School, Omagh, Co. Tyrone.

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