Spiritual Direction

It is a long established spiritual practice to have a companion as you travel the path towards personal and spiritual growth and struggle with life’s unpredictability and the variety of challenges that arise along the path. Spiritual Direction is a means of such companionship.

The focus of Spiritual Direction is the life of prayer but that focus always takes into account the person themselves and the context and circumstances of their lives. All of reality exists in the reality of God and yet attending to the reality of God often seems not an easy thing for us to do. What a tragedy it would be to live life and miss the point of life itself which is in the  words of Thomas Merton:

the return to the Immense, the Primordial,the Source, the Unknown, to [One] Who loves and knows, to the Silent, to the Merciful, to the Holy, to [One] Who is all……this is the whole  meaning and heart of all existence…”

(cf Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander p171–172)

Whatever your religious tradition or background, if you feel that Spiritual Direction would be helpful to you, you can contact me at the email address below. Alternatively, you can contact the All Ireland Spiritual Guides Association (AISGA) or Spiritual Directors International (SDI) both of which will help you contact a Spiritual Director working in your local area.

Email: denisrgleeson@gmail.com

Ireland: www.aisga.ie

International: www.sdiworld.org

Europe: www.sd-europe.org

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