The Enneagram personality theory is an ancient tool which was used for spiritual, psychological and emotional growth. It outlines nine personality types which in essence describe nine aspects of the divine. They are: Goodness, Caring, Efficacy, Beauty, Wisdom, Loyalty, Joy, Power and Peace. Each one of us reflects one of these divine attributes but not always in a positive manner. This is because from earliest childhood we adapt to life’s circumstances and to those around us in a creative but defensive and eventually compulsive manner. The enneagram enables us to recognise how we do this and that can be a liberating and experience and an invitation to personal growth. The word “enneagram” comes from two Greek words and simply means the nine lines. The nine lines are those in the enneagram diagram which is used to show how the nine  personality types in the theory relate to each other.

Not just at the intellectual level, but also at the level of the heart and at the instinctual level, we can come to a knowledge of our own personalities and gain greater control over dimensions of our lives that have puzzled, frustrated, inhibited or even enraged us for a lifetime. Crucially we can come to know what really motivates us and drives us. Many of the great spiritual writers remind us that one of the first steps in the spiritual journey is getting to know yourself.

A variety of programmes on the enneagram deal with topics which include: the enneagram and spirituality; the three centres of energy, the gut, the heart and the head; sense of identity; defensive mechanisms; communication style and how growth is best achieved within each personality type.

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